Why Choose Ava Growers Project?

Embrace a world of flavor, freshness, and local love at the Ava Growers Project. Here’s what happens when you step into our world:

Taste the Difference: Bite into the crispness of farm-picked produce and savor the unparalleled freshness that only comes from locally grown goods.
Meet the Makers: Shake hands with the dedicated growers and crafters who pour their hearts into the food you eat and the items you cherish.
Boost Local Economy: Your purchases directly empower local farmers and artisans, fostering a thriving community rooted in mutual support.
Champion Ethical Practices: Stand behind ethical farming and crafting practices that respect both the environment and animal welfare.
Expand Your Horizons: From cooking demos to sustainable living workshops, every visit is a chance to learn something new.
Forge Friendships: The market buzzes with the spirit of togetherness, offering a place to meet and mingle with like-minded locals.

Visit Us on the Ava Missouri Square

Nestle into the heart of Ava at: The Ava Missouri Square Corner of N Jefferson St & E Washington Ave Find your way: [Google Maps Plus Code: X82R+P2 Ava, Missouri]

Mark Your Calendars

Join us from mid-April to mid-October, each Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm. Celebrate the seasons with us, rain or shine, as we share the harvest of our land and the craftsmanship of our people.

Our Story: A Pillar of Ava Since 1985

Community Resource

For over three decades, the Ava Growers Project has been more than a market—it’s been a vital resource, nurturing community spirit and fostering an environment where local means lively, fresh, and flourishing. Come be a part of our story.

Come for the Produce, Stay for the Community

At Ava Growers Project, every item has a tale, every visit holds an opportunity, and every purchase makes a difference. We’re not just a market; we’re a gathering place where friendships are formed, traditions are treasured, and the simple joy of a community coming together is celebrated.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the family.

Farm Fresh eggs at the Ava Growers Project farmers market

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USDA video on the important role farmer’s markets have in their communities.

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