About the Ava Grower’s Project

A Farmer’s Market in Ava, Missouri

About Us

Nestled in the heart of Missouri, the Ava Growers Project, Inc., is more than just a nonprofit; it’s a beacon of hope and sustainability for our community. Recognized as a 501(c)(3) entity, we’re deeply rooted in the principles of nurturing local agriculture to fortify our food security and foster a healthier future for all.

Our Mission

In Ava, we believe that the key to a resilient community lies in the very soil we till. Our mission extends beyond organizing a mere farmers’ market. We’re crafting a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem where local farmers, artisans, and community members unite to share not only their produce but their passion and knowledge.

Empowering Our Community

Our initiatives are designed to bloom from the ground up:

  • Farmers’ Market: A weekly celebration of local bounty, where fresh, nutritious produce meets handmade crafts, creating a tapestry of community resilience.
  • Education for Sustainability: From workshops on sustainable farming practices to seminars on nutrition, we’re turning knowledge into action for a greener tomorrow.
  • Gardening Together: We champion home and community gardens, empowering our neighbors to grow their own food and strengthening our communal bonds.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Through hands-on training and support, we’re nurturing the seeds of self-reliance in agriculture and crafts, ensuring that our community thrives, rain or shine.
  • Local Handicrafts: Celebrating the artistry of Ava, we promote local handicrafts, providing a platform for artisans to showcase their work, supporting local economy and creativity.

Our journey is interwoven with stories of individuals coming together to sow, nurture, and harvest not just crops, but hope, health, and happiness. The Ava Growers Project is more than an organization; it’s a testament to what we can achieve together.

Join Us

Dedicated to the Earth, Devoted to Our Community

As stewards of the earth and guardians of our community’s well-being, we’re committed to cultivating a sustainable future for Ava. Join us in planting the seeds for tomorrow, today

Contact Info

Ava Growers Project, Inc.
PO Box 36
Squires, MO 65755

phone 417-291-3378
email: avagrowers@gmail.com

  • Paul Chateauvert, President
  • xxxx, Vice-President
  • De Lynn Montez, Secretary-Treasurer

An annual meeting is held in Ava in March, and is announced beforehand here, our Facebook Page, and in local media.

Market By-Laws & Rules

Make your self familiar with the Ava Grower’s Market By-laws and Market Rules.

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