Ava Farmers Market Rules

Please Note. Market vendors who wish to set up on the Ava Square at any time other than the regular farmers’ market times (Saturday mornings, April-October) MUST get permission to do so from the City Clerk of Ava (417 683-5516).

  1. MARKET TIMES: Saturdays from 7AM -Noon, April through October. Vendors may sell before 7AM (or as late as 2pm) if they have customers
  2. SPACES: Vendors must sign in with the market manager and be assigned a space. Fees are $2.00 for 1 space, $4.00 for 2 spaces (only as available)
  3. RESERVED SPACE: Assigned season spaces are $30.00 per 1 space, $60.00 for 2 spaces (only as available). Vendors should only request a reserved space if they will attend more than 75% of the season, barring unforeseen circumstances. Reserved vendors agree to inform us by phone or email (417-746-4006, Reserved vendors agree to inform us by phone or email (417-746-4006, Reserved vendors agree to inform us by phone or email (417-746-4006, avagrowers@gmail.com) before 7pm Friday if they can’t attend. Spaces of noshow reserved vendors will be made available for use by others once the market opens. No refunds will be given except at the discretion of the president of the Ava Growers Project, Inc.
  4. PARENTS are responsible for and should control their children.
  5. NO RESALE is allowed!! This means that all items MUST be grown by you, or made by you.
  7. PREPARED FOOD SALES: No cream pies, home canned goods, dressed meats, milk or milk products, pickles, or other food products can be sold UNLESS the vendor has and displays a current license to sell such products and all federal, state and local rules are followed. Baked goods, jams, jellies and nonhazardous preserves are permitted but should be appropriately labeled.
  8. SMALL FARM ANIMALS: No more than 10 small animal spaces will be available, 8 at the NW row and 2 at the NW center row. Animals must be caged and restrained. Odors must be controlled, a drop cloth placed under cages and the area cleaned when leaving. Please provide shade and water for animals.
  9. EACH VENDOR IS THEIR OWN BUSINESS, establishes their own prices, provides necessary things to conduct business and is individually and solely responsible for following all laws and regulations pertaining to their business.
  10. THIS IS YOUR MARKET: All vendors will support/ help the market manager. If you see someone setting up please ask them if they have already registered. If you notice a problem please report it to the market manager. Vendors may be asked to act as substitute managers in the event a regular manager is unavailable, helping to assign spaces and collect set-up fees, and turn them over to the manager by the following week.
  11. Please keep your vending space neat and clean.
  12. The Ava Growers Project, Inc. reserves the right to bar vendors who do not abide by market rules.
  13. Vendors should ask anyone giving away pets to confine themselves to an area outside the immediate market, on the northwest corner.

Please Contact the Ava Grower’s Project President with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation.

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