You Can Have a Citrus Crop in Missouri

You Can Have a Citrus Crop in Missouri

Some of you may have seen a YouTube video about growing a profitable orange crop in Nebraska by building a greenhouse heated by underground pipes.

That’s an exciting possibility – but you don’t need to construct such a greenhouse to have fresh citrus for your family in our cold winters.

Meyer lemons (grown in this instance from seed) and various limes do quite well in 5 gallon buckets if they have adequate light and moderate warmth. The small trees – more like shrubs – are placed outside once danger of frost is past, and brought inside in winter where the blossoms smell heavenly. And these dwarf trees don’t produce dwarf fruit! In fact, you’ll rarely see such large lemons in stores.

Arne Ahlstedt, who grew these monsters at home, suggests not waiting until the Meyer lemons turn orange to pick them (this variety is a cross between lemons and oranges). They’re quite flavorful even before fully turning color.

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